"auth0-spa-js" vs "auth0-react"

I see a lot of ‘auth0-spa’ vs ‘auth0-lock’, but nothing discussing what seems to be a new version of the spa library, “auth0-react”.

I wrote my initial react-based auth0 application a year ago using “auth0-spa-js”. But we’ve always had this weird issue with expired tokens causing infinite popups to occur. So I’m looking at upgrading to the latest version of the auth0 library to see if it fixes the issue. However, I can’t see what the difference is between “auth0-spa-js” and “auth0-react”. Does one just wrap the other? Should I be using one over the other?

Hi @truescope,

Here is how I described it in our announcement thread:

This SDK is built on top of auth0-spa-js. The intention here is to abstract away some of the complexity of integrating auth0-spa-js with a React app. This SDK provides a solution for integrating with Auth0 that feels native to React. Specifically, it provides an Auth0 hook, functional and class component support, Typescript support, resulting in a generally easier and more efficient experience for React developers and projects.

Hope that helps,

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Awesome, thanks for clarifying Dan

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No problem. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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