JWT in Auth0 Spa JS

Where in the Reactjs SPA tutorial is there a token being passed around, if any?

Hey there @kgonzale,

Can you share the tutorial you are talking about please, I just want to make sure as there are a few of them.

What implementation are you using? Auth0.js, Lock, Auth0-spa-js, Universal Login? Any additional information on this front could help in narrowing down how I can better assist. Thank you.

This one. Currently I am trying to figure out how to get the JWT from the code in place.

Any recommendations?

@kgonzale Did you end up using the Universal Login? Are you leveraging a backend?

@James.Morrison I ended up just copying and pasting what was in the docs exactly. I am using a backend in .NET.

I just need to read the JWT passed by Auth0 with my React App.

Which token specifically are you looking to leverage?

When a user logs in, Auth0 returns three items:

Is it data specific to the user that you are storing in the ID Token?

Or is it session details related to the Access token? Thanks!

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