Up to date Redux example

Hi All,

I’m struggling to get started adding Auth0 to my React/Redux SPA this blog post - Secure Your React and Redux App with JWT Authentication - was helpful but when it came to plugging into Auth0 there is a big banner saying the API used in the example is outdated.

This one explains redux and has some JS that seems more recent to me but doesn’t explain how to plug into into your redux app.

Does anyone have an example using the latest API or any pointers that might help me out please?

Many Thanks


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Hey there @npc-adrian! I have included the React Quickstart below that many find usefully when they are venturing down a similar path as you. When you get a chance give it a look and let us know if you have any questions on this front, thanks!

Great. Thanks James. I’ll have a look at this an post any questions here

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Sounds great @npc-adrian!

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