New SDK for NextJS in Beta

Hello :wave: this post is to discuss Auth0’s new SDK for NextJS applications, currently in BETA.

A few notable highlights the BETA SDK introduces:

  • New suite of frontend tools:
    • useUser hook and UserProvider to simplify checking and managing the user’s logged in state on the client.
    • withPageAuthRequired higher order component to protect client side routes.
  • New handleAuth feature to reduce the amount of boilerplate required to set up the server side authentication handlers.
  • Simpler server side API where creation of an SDK instance is handled by the SDK.

As with any Beta version, it is not recommended for use in production applications as it may be subject to change.

The Beta period will run for a limited time, with General Availability planned in the coming month.


We’d love for you to give the new SDK a try and welcome your feedback on any recommendations or issues you encounter.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions. Should you have any feedback about the SDK, please raise an issue via GitHub.



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