Unbundled version of the react SDK?

  • Which SDK this is regarding: Auth0-react
  • SDK Version: Latest

I’m using TradeStation’s implementation of Auth0 to sign into their API in my custom application. No matter how I configure it, I am forced to relogin after 20 minutes. So, clearly there’s something wrong with the way I’ve set up my refresh tokens. But, according to their docs and the Auth0 docs, I’m doing everything correctly. I want to debug this myself, but I’m using the bundled/minified version of the sdk, and when I step into the code it is a complete garbled mess that I can’t decipher at all.

Is there a place I can grab the source code for the SDK so I can run it locally and step through the code to see what’s going wrong?

Hi @jamesmarkosullivan,

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The code is hosted here:

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