New SDK for Vue 3 Single Page Applications

New SDK for Vue 3 Single Page Applications

This Community topic is here to discuss Auth0’s new SDK for Vue 3 applications, Auth0-Vue, currently in Beta.This new SDK is a wrapper around Auth0-SPA-JS, which we have created in order to improve the developer experience when integrating Auth0 in a Vue 3 application.

This SDK makes it easier to integrate Universal Login into Vue applications, requires fewer lines of code and takes care of common tasks developers have been previously burdened with regarding Auth0-SPA-JS. As with any Beta version, it is not recommended for use in production applications as it may be subject to change. The Beta period will run for a limited period of time.

General Availability is planned later this year (2022). We will only provide support for this Beta SDK in this Community topic. Resources:

We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out this Beta version. Should you have any feedback or questions about the SDK, please raise an issue via GitHub.


Thats great news!
One side note: on the quickstart tutorial; the “Download Sample” only downloads a Typescript sample, while the tutorial is for JS implementation!

Thanks for sharing that feedback! I’ll relay that to the team