Auth0-SPA-JS v2 is now GA!

:loudspeaker: We are happy to announce a new major version of our SDK for Single Page Applications is available in GA! :loudspeaker:

With this version, we have made a series of significant changes, including (but not limited to):

  • All polyfills have been removed and our bundles are shipped using ES2017; reducing the bundle size by 60%.

  • As a consequence, support for IE11 (and any browser not supporting ES2017, which should be rather limited) has been dropped.

  • More consistent casing (camelCasing vs snake_casing)

  • Internally restructured how we store the Id token, resulting in the removal of all arguments for both getUser() and getIdTokenClaims()

  • Added the ability to retrieve a token from the cache only, without contacting Auth0 if no valid token can be found.

When upgrading your application to use Auth0-SPA-JS v2, be sure to review the migration guide thoroughly to understand the changes required to migrate your application.Resources:

We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out this new version. Should you have any feedback or questions about the SDK, please raise an issue via GitHub.