New Experience Page Templates not working

Cannot get the New Experience Page Templates to work on our production environment.

I have:

  • Turned off customisation for every page in Branding.
  • Chosen the “New Experience”
  • Uploded a Page Template using the CLI to the correct tenant.

Yet when I redirect the client to the hosted login it displays the default layout, not the Page Template I uploaded?

Assistance is appreciated, thanks.


Turns out you cannot just refresh the login page - you need to close it and start a new login request from your app to see the changes :man_facepalming:


Thanks for posting an update. Glad you were able to get it sorted.

what does it mean “close and start new login request”?
I made the same steps and cant’ see the new login page at all.

  • Close the browser tab that is displaying the login page
  • Open a new one
  • Go to your app
  • Trigger a redirect to the auth0 login page again (assuming your app has a “Login” button).
  • You should see the new Page Template.

Thanks for sharing that with the rest of ciommunity!

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