Branding API and New Universal Login Liquid Templates

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble getting the template changes pushed via the Branding API endpoint to show on my login page.

For brevity I’ve ensured the following pre-requisites are in place:

  • Custom Domain set up in Auth0 platform
  • Reverse proxy is configured in Cloud Provider
  • New ULP is set (not classic)
  • The Customize Login page is not set (or no other customize options are set in this regard)
  • I’m authenticating with the correct client_id and client_secret
  • Ensuring that the domain_url is the custom domain for authentication and API calls.
  • ALB on the Cloud Provider end is using the custom domain URL

I’ve also followed a number of other topics to rule out other causes:

So - what’s the issue?

I can set my template using this endpoint: https://{{domain_url}}/api/v2/branding/templates/universal-login:

As per the screenshot provided I receive a ‘204 No Content’ response - interestingly, the body message returned is a ‘1’?

‘Getting’ the branding templates works as expected:

I happen to be using PostMan for convenience but get the same behaviour using curl

I hit my application for a given URL and am redirected to the login page with the correct custom domain URL - unfortunately, the Login customisation are picked up from the Dashboard configuration settings.

I can’t see anything useful in the logs so I’m out of luck there - not so much as error but more unexpected behaviour…

Hi @ciworks,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you are having trouble with the Branding API.

Can you post a screenshot (or DM it to me), of your login page? I would like to confirm you are not seeing the classic login page.

Hi Dan,

I’ve sent you a screenshot (via DM) of how our New ULP is being rendered and the backend settings in Auth0 confirming that the New ULP configuration is set.

Appreciate your support on this.

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As a quick update on this.
We use Auth0 with an AWS ALB and a CloudFront distribution as reverse proxy in front of it all.

Due to a misconfiguration of CloudFront (mainly around the origin domain name) we were experiencing the issues mentioned.
Having been directed to this guide: Configure AWS CloudFront as Reverse Proxy
we were able to successfully update the LoginPage and the BrandingAPI works as expected.

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