Universal Login Page template weirdness

Two questions about the Universal Login page. I was finally able to update the ULP via the API to use the Liquid syntax.

  1. Can you use the Auth0 Dev keys with the social connection on a custom domain? Right now, when I try to login via Google – I am getting an invalid request with a

“You may have pressed the back button, refreshed during login, opened too many login dialogs, or there is some issue with cookies, since we couldn’t find your session. Try logging in again from the application and if the problem persists please contact the administrator.”

However the hostname for this error is TENANT.us.auth0.com when it should be custom_domain.… perhaps that’s the issue? The hostname is wrong? The Application Login URI is blank and I only have a localhost URL in the Allowed callbacks for context.

My AUTH0_ISSUER_BASE_URL in the .env file is <CUSTOM DOMAIN>.

Weird. I am at the CUSTOM DOMAIN screen from the /api/auth/login call back, I select the Google sign-up option and then I get the Oops!, something went wrong screen while redirecting me to the TENTANT.us.auth0.com url.

  1. My ULP is working. For example, when I login, I get the Customized Login page because my checkbox is true. Then when I go to the consent screen, it’s obviously the template I updated via the API. Would the template for Login change to the one updated via the API if I unchecked the Customize Login Page pill checkbox in the Login tab?

Hi @djasnowski

For question 1, we need lots more detail. Can you post the exact error message, and a SANITIZED network trace from dev tools or similar?

Note that tenant.us.auth0.com and custom_domain are both valid names for your tenant. So that may be a red herring.

For question 2:
When you customize the login page that way, you are using Classic Universal Login for the login page only, and all other pages are using the New Universal Login experience.
If you uncheck the customization, that will revert the login page to the new experience and you should see the one you updated via API.

There are a couple of features (such as additional signup fields) that still require classic, but if you are not using anything like that, it is preferable to do all customization through the new experience.



@john.gateley Glad to hear #2 is a simple fix. I was able to fix #1.

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Thanks for help on this one John!