Issue management api

Hey, have anyone has seem this error response message after a failed management api request

statusCode’: 400,
‘error’: ‘Bad Request’,
‘message’: ‘This features at least one custom domain to be configured for the tenant.’

after running python code below

requests.put(url, headers=headers, data=payload)

I am wondering what causing this? I might miss some key stuff.

Hi @dddan ,

Thank you for posting this topic on our Auth0 Community!

From this error message, it looks like your tenant uses New Universal Login, but has not set up the custom domain.

For New Universal Login to be able to set templates, it needs a Custom Domain to be set up and can be customized only via our Management API. This document explained the details.

Hope this helps!


You are right, I was missing the custom domain. And one more question, If I want to reset the template(Disacard any changes I’ve made), just use Delete api method? or another way will do it?

The Delete API method is the only way to delete the New Universal Login template.