Updating the universal template via the Auth0Cli is not working

I am using the Universal Login Experience as can be seen it is the option selected

Reading the documentation here Customize New Universal Login Pages I learn it is possible to use the Auth0CLI to update the look and feel.

So I follow the instruction here Customize New Universal Login Pages on how to use it, I ran the commands, I see the template open in an editor and the preview open in the browser.

The problem is after saving and being told that my template has been updated,

auth0 universal-login templates update
 ▸    Hint: Once you close the editor, you'll be prompted to save your changes. To cancel, press CTRL+C.
 Do you want to save the template? Yes
 ▸    Successfully updated the template for the New Universal Login Experience!

the login page does not change on my site.

I have no idea why this is happening. There are no errors but for some strange reason the changes I made are not reflected.

Any ideas?

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Hi @opedad,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you please confirm you aren not seeing this warning?

Hi @dan.woda

I am not seeing that warning, as can be seen from the screenshot below: