Problems with the new universal login customization, I cant see the changes

I’m using the new universal login and I’m trying to customize it. In order to do that, I installed “auth0 CLI”, ran it on my pc without any problems and then modified it again without any problems using storybook as the base. The result was horrible. After that I decided to customize it directly from auth0’s webpage; however this decision caused me to lose a lot of different advantages. So, I went back and tried using the new universal login again.

After having run the commands “auth0 branding templates update”. I modified and saved the new login, but it doesn’t remain saved on my page. I cancelled the customization, but when I open the login in Auth0 → Branding → Universal Login → try your login box → try it out the modifications aren’t there- it is just the default new login. I don’t know why nor how can I modify this. I’m following the documentation about how to customize, but my login page on the web is different to the login from auth0 branding templates update and I don’t have other templates.

Hi @juany,

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I understand you are having issues with the Auth0 CLI and updating your branding templates. Can you give me an example of what kind of customizations you are trying to make?

Can you show me a screenshot of where this is in your dashboard? Are you talking about the Customize Login Page screen?

Can you please link to what documentation you are following?