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Hello guys, doing some research here I’d found this topic Multifactor By User, but the solution links are no more available, so, my question is, imagine that the user is already logged and then he decides to enable multifactor auth, is it possible via API?


Hey there @rafakwolf!

I believe it’s not doable from users’ side but let me check this and get back to you!

Got it! So the system admin is in control of MFA and they can enable it for certain users. Here’s the doc for that:

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Hey @konrad.sopala … thanks for the quick answer, it seems that I’ll need to enable it manually, right… by changing rules.

What I need is to enable it from inside the user profile, cause I’m using the nodejs sdk and just invoking the Auth0 API.


Yep you’re right from rules. If you want to enable it from user profile I guess it’s worth reaching out via GitHub issue to repo maintainers or submitting a feature request via our feedback site providing as much context to our product team as possible:

Hi @rafakwolf

We received your Product Feedback, thanks!

I wonder why using a rule is not a good solution for your use case. You’d need to store a flag in the profile saying if you want MFA or not for the user, and then add the rule.

You can do that and still use the Node SDK and invoking the Auth0 API.

Thanks a lot.

Andres Aguiar
Product Manager @ Auth0

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