Adding MFA to a react app that already has its own initial authentication

Hi all I’m new to coding in general, I have a react act that already has its own form of authentication, is there any way I can use auth0 just for the multifactor authentication or does auth0 need a token originating from auth0 to use the mfa? If so can someone offer suggestions on how to integrate it?

Hey there @scott1!

Not sure about the token part (I feel you need the Auth0 token but will check that) in the meantime here’s a step by step guide on implementing our MFA:

Hi @scott1, what kind of authentication is your app currently using? Just a username+password database on your end? In any case, you could consider using a custom database in Auth0 and in this way, connecting your existing source for authentication (database, API, directory, whatever it is) with Auth0, then MFA will definitely work. Only using Auth0 for MFA won’t work without a first factor.

Hi Mathias yes we are just using a username+password on our node.js backend that uses MySQL, if I connect our database to Auth0 how can i then add the mfa?

Also we have to have the enterprise plan in order to do this?

Hi @scott1, you would enable MFA in the:

Auth0 Dashboard > Multifactor Auth > [Choose MFA options] > Toggle the “Always require MFA” switch on that page.

Yes, an Enterprise Plan would be needed here.