Multifactor authentication per Database

Hi auth0,

is it possible to enable multi-factor authentication per Database? We have a multi-tenant architecture and split the users in different databases, so is it possible to enable it per database? Do you have API Endpoint for setup of the multi factor?

Hello @alto,

This may be what you are looking for:

Hi @markd,

thank you for the fast reply.I found the link and it is useful. This answers the first part of my question. What about the setup of the MFA? How can I integrate the setup of the MFA in my single page application? Are there some tutorials for that?

I definitely don’t know much about SPAs, but I believe all the MFA ‘stuff’ is handled on Auth0’s side. I don’t think there is anything you need to do. I just set up a new application with MFA enabled, and I downloaded and ran the React demo app. When I go to log in it asks for my MFA OTP code, and this is all happening at Auth0.

Here’s a screen recording of the interaction between the demo React SPA app and MFA. In this case I enabled the One Time Password MFA option, updated the MFA rule (automatically created when you enable MFA) to limit to force MFA on application I create for the SPA.