Multi-tenant Alexa skill with customized account-linking

I’m creating a multi-tenant Alexa skill that requires account-linking. I’ve successfully followed the instructions to use Auth0 to provide this. Great docs btw. However, each skill will have brand and content particular to the community it serves. So I’d like to white-label the account-linking process.

I realize this is partly possible using hosted-pages within Auth0 but, from what I’ve read, it can only be customized once per Auth0 tenant. I’d be forced to create multiple tenants within Auth0 - one for each of communities the skill is for - which would be onerous to manage.

So, instead, I believe I should self-host Lock. I’ll use a sub-domain per tenant allowing the hosted-app to know the content and assets it should serve, and how to configure Lock.

So, my question is, is this approach correct? And, most importantly, how do I configure account linking to use the self-hosted Lock? Is the configuration at the Auth0 application level? Should I create an Auth0 app per tenant [of the skill] and configure it to use the self-hosted Lock at the appropriate sub-domain?

Thanks in advance!

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