Auth0 for Alexa skill account linking things to clarify

I am new to Auth0 but i have managed to implement account linking successfully. The test user is created in Auth0 and my question is. Will the AWS get user-id? currently i see something like this in my lambda log. below is a striped part of json
“grantee”: {
“token”: “5yBP-lXmi4KUDvmaJH43jwDL2mXXXXXX”,
“type”: “BearerToken”
The token i see after authorization. using this will i be able to fetch userinfo or i am doing this wrong?

Hope to get some help from you guys…

Hey there @mohamedafzal and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I apologize for the delay, after your user authenticates the user details should be passed across. I would recommend if you want additional information related to the user to come across that you then have updated the user_metadata on this test user.

If you’re still not experiencing any success I would be happy to take a deeper look, just please direct message me your tenant name so I can take a peek on your setup. Thanks!