Alexa skill - account linking using wordpress site

Hello, I am trying to do account linking for my alexa skill with my existing wordpress site for members - so basically i want to enable my wordpress site users to use alexa skill - they will need to use the same credentials what they use on my website - could anyone point me in a direction of a resources and idea how to do this?

Thx :slight_smile:

Hi @tomlevidesign,

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Have you had the chance to look over the account linking docs?

I am not very familiar with the alexa skills platform but I would be happy to help further if this doc doesn’t lead you in the right direction.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for this, I tried to follow this doc but am getting stuck - so many options - and not sure how to start with this. How I can authenticate wordpress members to use Alexa skill

After looking into this a little more, I think the account linking alexa skills is referring to is different from the account linking doc I suggested. I am very familiar with alexa skills and can’t find much information about it, so this may take some hacking to figure out.

Have you checked this out yet:

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