Alexa Skill Linking

When I try to link my accounts through Alexa, I get a less than ideal error message (Unable to link your skill. Try again later). I think I am having an authentication issue, but when I link my skill I do reach the auth0 page, and put my credentials in correctly. I have triple checked client ID and Secret, scope, everything. I have no idea what is wrong, and don’t know where to find detailed error information.
My best guess at the moment comes from this information:
In auth0, when I go to my users tab, under the history of each user I try to use, I get “Failed Login” over and over again.
Under the Authorized Clients tab for any user it says “There are no applications to display”.
I believe that if I am able to add authorized clients to my users, this may authenticate them?
Please let me know if you can solve this problem!

If you’re seeing the failed login logs then the authentication transaction is not being completed with success. Have in mind that even a transaction where you provided the correct credentials cab fail, for example, it can fail due to a custom rule that rejects the authentication due to an additional requirement.

I noticed that the tenant/domain associated with your account is relatively recent so if you followed the dashboard tutorial ensure that you disabled any rule that you created as part of the tutorial. The reason I call your attention to this is that the tutorial showcases a rule that blocks any login by end-users that don’t meet the requirement of a specific email domain.

If the failed login you get in the logs have an additional description of Access denied. then the likely cause is that rule.

You are a life saver! Thank you so much @jmangelo

You are a life saver! Thank you so much @jmangelo