Monday Midnight CST Outages?

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We have been using Auth0 as our identity provider for almost a year now, and we’re very happy with it. We have created a simple web application in C# that will forward users to our Auth0 Universal Login page if they’re not logged in, and communicate the user’s credentials to our ticketing system when they’ve logged in.

About 6 months ago, we set up some basic availability tests within Azure for all of our web resources. These tests basically send an HTTP request every 5 minutes, and if either no response is returned or a response with an HTTP error code is returned, it will be marked as a failure.

We’ve noticed that usually about once a month, we’ll get alerted that our sign-on site is down, usually for about 5 minutes around midnight on a Monday. The most recent instance was Monday, January 27th 2020, 12:06AM to 12:20AM CST. We also received alerts on January 20th, and December 2nd, both shortly after midnight CST.

I see that Auth0 is reporting 100% availability during this period, and that there are no minor or major interruptions for these dates. Similarly, I have confirmed that my web application is running, accessible, and throwing no errors during these periods. I should also note that we have a number of availability tests within Azure, and this test is the only one that consistently fails during this time window.

Does Auth0 perform any maintenance to their Universal Login service during this period that may explain this? Our tenant is in the US region.

Michael Langlois

Hi @CMHR-MichaelLanglois,

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I can’t find any outages or maintenance for the dates you mentioned. Outages are recorded on our status page, and planned maintenance will be announced in numerous places including here in community and in your alerts on the dashboard (it is very rare).

Free tenants are on the preview environment (no SLA) and all others are on the production environment. Be sure to toggle to whichever applies to you on the status page.


Also, there was a scheduled maintenance event that just happened, in case you missed it:

It would’ve affected US region on the 29th (today) at 1am CST.

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