MFA with Google Social login fails with Unauthorized error


We have a working app with custom database + MFA (any) setting using rules. Now I am trying to add Google Social login to it.
I am using the auth0 dev keys because this is still a POC. And I have read the but even that does not say that MFA wont work.

This is a trace of the calls

For some reason it works till it ask for verify_otp and then it gives this error. Maybe it does not get the correct redirect url? But I am not sure where to give that when starting the MFA flow.

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Auth0 Team

Although this is not mentioned in that documentation page, this may be an omission in docs as I know that developer keys are significantly constrained for anything beyond a simple test login to see the authentication flow from/to the social provider.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to fully generate a Google client application identifier (although this should be simple for development) my recommendation would be for you to test with a database connection test user as this error is likely related to the developer keys being used.


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