Cannot login, authorize endpoint, constant outage

i’m constantly getting errors on calling Auth0’s API authorization endpoint (<client_id>/authorize)
I’m using the auth flow with PKCE and earlier it wasn’t like that, everything was working fine.
I’m going to the Auth0’s login screen, click “login with google” button and after that it shows me that “something went wrong”.
I’m getting the errors for 3 days with different track numbers, so the last one is 150b059850aff5d9dcf4. Could you please clarify on that what could be wrong?
I also didn’t find any link to the chat with the support to talk about the error or something similar. Where I could find it? Thanks.

Hello Igor,

If the issue only affects the Google Social connection and you use the Dev Keys, please configure the connection with your Client ID and Secret. The instructions are available on the link below (Installation tab):

The use of Dev Keys is not recommended; it’s intended for testing purposes only, e.g. to evaluate the platform. In the Production environment, these keys shouldn’t be used at all.

You should also see the warnings in the Logs (Monitoring > Logs) when the Dev Keys are used.

I hope this helps!