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MFA with auth0-lock returns "Unauthorized"

HI, Auth0

Our team developing new system and incorporated auth0 as authenticator.
When I enabled MFA, it seems to be working till mid of the process but failed at the end.

  • Login form shows up when accessing at our system without session.
  • Tried to auth with Google account
  • QR code shows up
  • read QR code and get 6 digits number
  • enter 6 digits number
  • verifying animations are working
  • a display turns out to the white background view with only saying “Unauthorized”.

url looks like following when white view shows up

Do you have any help or suggestion to make it works properly ??

[ About system ]
Implemented with Vue.js using auth0-lock

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Sorry, guys.

I finally found out that it is because I used auth0 dev key for social connections.
I appreciate all you guy who have thought about my topic.


No worries glad you were able to find the solution! :slight_smile:

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