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MFA not working since upgrading to Auth0 v9 and Lock v11



The developer environment is:

  • We are running a Single Page Application
  • The SPA is running on Angular 1.x
  • We were using Auth v8 and Lock v10 previously
  • We are using the thin Angular 1.x wrappers for the above libraries
  • Previously, whenever any user logs in they get a popup window that appears then disappears. This was apparently necessary to have the MFA option for login
  • When a user has enabled MFA (rules in Auth0 admin), the popup window remains open for them to enter their secondary key
  • MFA being used is Google Authenticator

Since upgrading the libraries to support Auth0 v9 and Lock v11:

  • The pop up window no longer appears for any user logging in. This is fine for users who do not have MFA enabled, however users with MFA enabled get an error message: “WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.”
  • There are no Javascript errors, nor any API errors accessing Auth0’s servers

What are we missing here??

Here is a sample of the config in the lockProvider (basically the init config for Auth0)

       domain: <domain>,
        clientID: <client id>,
		options: {
			auth: {
				redirect: false,
				sso: true,
				params: {
					scope: 'openid email offline_access roles'
			theme: {
				logo: <url>,
				primaryColor: '#1898d5'
			languageDictionary: {
				title: title,
				loginAtLabel: "Sign in at %s",
				loginLabel: "Sign In",
				loginSubmitLabel: "Sign In",
				loginWithLabel: "Sign in with %s"
			rememberLastLogin: false,
			avatar: null,
			usernameStyle: 'email',
			allowSignUp: false,
			prefill: {
				email: email
			container: <div id>