May Community News

May Community News

In our last community update we mentioned the beginning of monthly incentives to participation. The response has been great with many users updating their profile - and in turn getting a nice assortment of Auth0 stickers (don’t worry - we have more)!

The month of April was a busy one, for us and for our community!

Update your profile - Get Swag!

Huge shoutout to those who took the time to fill out their profiles. Look for a DM to receive information on how to receive your sticker pack! For those who didn’t, make sure to go fill out your profile to qualify for a free sticker pack for the month of May.

Tabs vs Spaces?

Over the last month we have seen a lot of spaces > tabs answers pop up in user profiles, which has sparked all sorts of debate internally, and we thought, “Why keep the conversation solely internal?!” So get in on the conversation and let your preferences be known! No judgement. We promise!

New FAQ category launched

During the month of April we announced an FAQ category. The FAQ is a section with a list of commonly created topics, curated with the best response available along with resources for further reading. Make sure to check this out regularly as we’ll be adding more!

Leaderboard coming soon!

As we work on showcasing the top participants in the community, we will be setting up a Leaderboard for you to follow. On display will be the top scores of members based on:

  • likes received
  • topics solved
  • badges earned

Stay tuned for more information to come!

Community Highlights

Here are a few things of note which happened this last month:

Node 8 migration

Gentle reminder that you should have updated your Auth0 Extensibility solutions to enable Node8 (previously Node4) by April 30th. If you have not already, please do so ASAP as your solutions may begin to exhibit unexpected behavior. The notification should get you started.

Show Your Auth0

One of the things we want to do is raise awareness for all the great projects in the community which are using any of our products. To that end, we setup the Show Your Auth0 category where you can go and talk about your project and share how you’re using Auth0. Think of it more as a “use case” and less as publicity - help others in the community get their creative juices flowing! And, anyone who does so gets an Auth0 T-Shirt! Already we’ve had some good projects shared and we encourage you to spend a few minutes reading what others are building!

And that’s it for this month!