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April Monthly Community News


Wow! It’s been a month since we relaunched our Community here at Auth0, and it’s been great to see the response! We really appreciate your involvement. We wanted to take this time to let you know about some things that are coming for the Community over the next few months which directly benefit you!

Monthly Incentives

We are ever-mindful of the fact that we wouldn’t be here without developers implementing our products. To that end we are starting to provide incentives to those most active in the community helping other developers become successful, and sharing their thoughts and ideas. To start with, we’ll be sending some Auth0 stickers to everyone who fills out their profile!

The relevant fields to qualify are:

  • Profile pic
  • Update About Me section
  • Answer the two, fun developer questions:
    • Tabs or Spaces?
    • Development activity

This will be a monthly activity and open for the entire community. Going forward there are a few specific ways we’ll be keeping track of participation and building incentives around:

  • Most Likes received in a month (see below for more info on what this means)
  • Most Badges achieved during the month
  • Most Shared Content
  • Most Solutions in a month (see below for more info on what this means)

Stay tuned for more information around these things!


As is common in many online communities, the “like” button (a :heart: here) tells the poster and other readers that the content was appreciated and/or helpful. As that action accumulates and others in the community can find out who has liked the most / received the most likes via badges, it goes a long ways towards users acquiring status and rewards.


As with any developer community, there are people who are here to assist others in using Auth0 and those looking for assistance. Because of this, we have a way to mark a post as a solution to the topic via the white :heavy_check_mark: under each post. Once that is selected it will make a note in Post #1 of the topic informing the reader that a solution was found and link directly to it.

Related Content

Whenever a topic is created, the forum automatically suggests existing content which may be related to what is being created. Please make sure to check that content before creating a duplicate topic - the forum will keep active the post you are creating in case you still need to post it. And if that content helps, make sure to Like it!


Wait… there’s more!

While that’s about it, we did want to make you aware of our Introduction thread. This is a great place to introduce yourself to the Community and share a bit about what your interests are. In addition, our Community Corner is a place for you to talk about anything you want with the rest of the community!

Alright - that’s it for this month’s update. Don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter or send me a DM.

Head of Community

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