Auth0 Community launches Community Active Users Program

:rocket: What is the Auth0 Active Users Program about?!

We simply want to show gratitude towards community users that regularly on a monthly basis put effort into helping each other by providing knowledge, anchor points or even giving direct solutions to questions! How are we gonna show that gratitude? Keep reading!

:1234: Stats that we will take into account

On a monthly basis, Auth0 Community Team will pick up three most active members that are gonna be rewarded. Following stats will be taken into account:

  • Replies given
  • Solutions
  • Likes received

Not to falsify the monthly results, we will be announcing monthly winners by creating a monthly post in the community where we will share the screenshot of the leaderboard. We’re working on an option to give you a daily insight in the leaderboard but this is still to come, so give us a little bit more time to work on that!


Apart from eternal glory among Auth0 Community Forum users, we’re gonna give away some really COOOOOOOL SWAG! We’re starting with things like:

  • Auth0 Stickers
  • Auth0 Mugs
  • Auth0 T-Shirts

But that’s not the end! The list keeps growing and we’ll be adding more rewards soon! So brace yourself and keep engaging and helping in the forum! We’ll announce our first winners at the beginning of September!


Thanks for the information

No problem! We’re here for you!

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