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June Community News


June Community News

It’s that time again: our community update! A lot has happened over the last month, with 405 new community members and 245 new contributors! Thank you for all those getting involved and helping us create a developer-centric community around Auth0.

A few things we would like to bring to your attention are:


Keep your eyes open for our first Developer Community Survey coming soon with an opportunity to win a fantastic prize! The goal of the survey is to learn more about you, and how we can better support the community.

Update your profile - Get stickers!

Who doesn’t love stickers? If you’re like us, we love stickers, and have we got some great ones for you! Everyone who fills out their profile receives a free sticker pack. So don’t hesitate! Go now and tell us more about you and get your stickers. And for all those who updated in May, keep your eyes open for a DM!

Community Highlights

Show Your Auth0

Our Show Your Auth0 section is a great place to share what you’re building using Auth0’s products and services with the rest of the Community. Each month we’ll be highlighting projects being added.

Thank you to those who shared their projects, and we look forward to seeing more projects this month!

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