Management API: api/v2/jobs/users-exports - error 429 (10 active users jobs)

Hi Guys,

Getting the following error when trying to execute request against

“statusCode”: 429,
“error”: “Too Many Requests”,
“message”: “There are 10 active export users jobs, please wait until some of them are finished and try again”

It was working normally just 30 minutes ago… returning the result in ~3-5 seconds.
But something got broken.

Can you please help to clarify what is going wrong ?

Just in case, documentation reference:!/Jobs/post_users_exports

Hi @viacheslav.k,

Welcome to the Community

When you try to export user at Auth0 system using bulk import API there is some limitation on it. Every single hit at API will be consider a job. So by default you can only run 10 job simultaneous and wait them to complete until you run another job. You can ask auth0 support team if you want to speedup the export job process.
Hope answered the query, please let me know if need to explain anything else.