User Import Job Failures and Management

Auth0 only supports running 2 concurrent user import jobs. Recently I encountered frequent 500, 504, 520, and 524 errors when importing batches of 1000 users per request via the API (Auth0 Management API v2). I know the request is valid because I can try the request at a later point in time and successfully import those same users. When a 500 error occurs, the response received will not contain the running import job ID which means I cannot monitor the job status. And based on subsequent attempts, the import job hangs until it expires 2 hours later and none of those users are actually imported. No Auth0 failure logs, no way to view status, a lot of wasted time.

I would like to have a way to manage import jobs from the Auth0 dashboard. So if an import request results in a 500 error and an import job is locked up, then I would like to be able to see the status and possibly cancel or terminate the job to free up resources for the import to proceed rather than having 2 hours of wasted time.

For all intents and purposes, these errors should not happen in the first place, but at least improving visibility and control wold allow for better mitigation due to Auth0 related errors.

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