Include job number in bulk user import job completion emails

Hi auth0 friends,

When a bulk user import job finishes processing in auth0, an email is sent with the subject similar to this:

[Auth0] Import user job for tenant rei-test and connection Username-Password-Authentication completed

It would be useful to include the job number in the emails to make it easier to make subsequent API calls to obtain the specific user import errors, etc.

In addition, including a link in the email to obtain the errors (and possibly other information, including the job number) would be very helpful.

This is especially useful when large number of files are being imported.
Without the job number, it’s impossible to call the API to obtain individual user import errors.

We have a workaround in that our custom import utility program logs the job number from posting a file to the API bulk user import endpoint. It seems that there’s no other way to obtain the job number if it wasn’t saved from the API call, so as a minimum it seems like it should be returned in the job status email.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hey there!

Thanks for creating this feedback card! Hope it’s gonna get some traction with other devs in the forum!

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