Lost 2FA recovery codes

Hi, I configured 2FA on my Auth0 developer account using the fingerprint recognition from my Mac Book, unfortunately, I replaced my computer so the fingerprint recognition no longer works with my new one and I can’t find my recovery codes, how can I disable the 2FA on my account?

I know I’m supposed to open a support ticket but it asks me to connect to my account for which I need 2FA :sweat_smile:

Hi @alex41,

See this doc:

Hi @dan.woda, thanks for the reply.

As I mentioned in my post I’ve seen this documentation, which says:

If you are a paying customer (developer, developer pro, enterprise plans)

  • Open a support ticket filling every info that you feel is needed, describing what happened and attaching your tenant name and tenant admin email address
  • From then on someone from Developer Support Team will confirm your identity and handle the rest for you.

But to open a support ticket you actually need to login to your account, and I can’t because I lost my 2FA recovery codes, how am I supposed to open that ticket since I can’t login onto my account ?



You can have another tenant/account admin create the ticket on your behalf. If that’s not an option (there is no other admin on your account, for example), you can follow the direction for free customers.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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