Logout functionality is not working with Drupal 8 Auth0 module

Hi Everyone,

I am using the Auth0 Single Sign-On module in CMS Drupal 8. Please find below the URL of the Auth0 module:
I have done configuration changes with the Auth0 server as well as configurations from the CMS side also. But I am trying to logout from the CMS Drupal website then I am facing the following issue which is given in the screenshot.

I have properly added the allowed logout URL in the Auth0 server configuration but still I am facing issue.

Note: In the screenshot my-domain-name is different it is for reference purpose.

Please let me know if I am missing anything in this…

Hey @adi19rich, Welcome to Auth0 Community!

Can you DM me a HAR file of the logout process in your app?


Hi Sidharth,

Please find attched the har file for logout process.
prego-power.us.auth0.com.har (448.9 KB)

Please reply as soon as possible. It is on urgent basis.
Thanks for your response.

Hi Sidharth,

Please let me know if you have any updates…

Hey @adi19rich, In your HAR file, I cannot see the client ID w.r.t to which you made your initial login, can you please DM me your Client ID as well?