Auth0 Logout is Not working

Here,we are clearing all the Session and Cookies and Calling the Logout Url of Auth0.

Here We are calling the Logout Url of Auth0, Response is status Code 200, but still the user is directly redirecting the home page ,even though we cleared all the session.

Is there any thing i need to Change or else there is any other manage api that clears the Auth0 Session ?

Hi @rkolisetty,

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What framework are you using?

Hi Dan,

We are Using the VB.Net.
We are using the Regular Application in the Auth0.

  • Is Management Logout API will Clear the Auth0 Session ?

  • Even though we are calling the Auth0 Logout URL the Session is not Clearing from the Auth0 and User is Directly Logined into the Redirect URL with asking the user Credentials.

Did you follow a quickstart to set up your application?