Logout is not working

Hello everyone !
I use Auth0 for login and logout into a site/api but I have this error message when I want to logout with my account.
The logout is working, if I leave the error page, I am disconnected but i have this page every logout.
I give you a screen about the error page.

Ps : Sorry for my english, I am french :slight_smile:
Thanks you for any help.

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The error indicates that the returnTo url is malformed. I’m not familiar with PHP but the while space in the url seems wrong. To be precise Project Karim has a whitespace. When you add that url in application Allowed Logout URLs settings on Auth0 dashboard, you should see invalid url error.


Hello, thank you for replying.
It’s weird because I have a similar link in my Allowed Callbak URLs and I don’t have any problem for that.
I will check with another URL but I don’t think that’s will resolve my problem.
Thank you.

Ok, I have just tested with another URL and I think my problem comes from the space in the URL.
When I paste the URL on the Allowed Callback URLs, the space is replaced by “%20” but the auth0 error continues to say my URL isn’t in the Allowed Callbakc ULRs …
I am locked in …
How can I replace the %20 to be recognized like a space ?