Login to auth0 broken. Gmail link goes to new tenant

Something happened with my login to Auth0. When I log in using the Gmail link I am taken to a new tenant and all my apps (6) are gone.

If I log out and log back in only this time click on my GitHub link I am taken to my correct tenant with all my apps.

How do I fix my broken Gmail link to log in to Auth0?

Hey there!

Can you send me your email here in the forum via private message so I can check something? Thank you!

Hi konrad. I sent you my email via dm.

Thank you! I’ll investigate that and get back to you soon!

Hey Konrad. Any update on why my “log in through Gmail” for my login to my profile page on Auth0 is taking me to a new tenant?

Hey there!

Yep I actually send you a DM with the solution :slight_smile: Just check your private messages box :slight_smile: