Localize email verification page

Hi, im trying to localize the page showed when user clicks to email verification link from verification email, im tryied solution from Localize email verification message - #17 by dan.woda but does’t work.
Does’t matter we are using classic or new universal login page is always in english.
Doesn’t matter what user’s app_metadata and user_metadata contains, i have tryied to put there properties “language” and “ui_locales”
i have tryied to include “language” and “ui_locales” into verification url and it looks like eg. “[domain]/u/email-verification?ticket=3lYgsQW0j9dpkEMpkTpLkun6lpWJMxGd&language=pl”
but nothing works, page is alwes in English…

but how to do this? i dont see any possibility right now

Hi @j.cygan,

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Have you made sure to update your supported languages in the tenant settings? This doc shows how:

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