Verification email internationalization options


We have a problem regarding verfication email internationalization.
The setup is a bit complex, we use the sso for a mobile app and an SPA as well, both work simultaniously in many different languages.
We already created a rule in Auth0, to save the user language in metadata, we give this to Auth0 in a parameter through the lock widget. This works fine, and we have the metadatata for the users.
The problem is that this data is not available for the verification email.
Similar case in this issue: Verification Email missing user_metadata
Also we only need this for the database connections, so we have no extra user data from a third party or anywhere else that we could use, only the user metadata.
Could you help us with suggestions for a workaround, that could be implemented in mobile and web environments as well?

I fear that there is no proper workaround for this at the moment when using the email template mechanisms in Auth0, since at the time when the email is sent out, the Rules engine hasn’t been passed yet (so no useful info in user_metadata) and also no access to context, request (parameters), redirect_uri, or anything alike that could help to identify the proper locale for the user.

The support for proper email localization is in the product backlog, so it’s definitely taking into consideration by the product team, but no info yet on when that would be available.