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LinkedIn connection deprecated?


Going to the LinkedIn developers website, I noticed this blog post:

Considering the current documentation for the LinkedIn Social Connection:
I assume we are currently on version 1.

Is there any plan to upgrade to LinkedIn API v2 ( before the deadline March 1st?

Moreover, this kind of topic (Can't login with LinkedIn) would be easily resolved with the new r_liteprofile scope instead of the current r_basicprofile.

But it cannot be set on Lock’s connectionScopes until the API is upgraded.

Google+ OAuth API Deprecation
Can't login with LinkedIn

Hi we can’t login using LinkedIn any more … We get this error:

“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “InternalOAuthError: failed to fetch user profile (status: 500 data: {\n “errorCode”: 0,\n “message”: “Internal API server error”,\n “requestId”: “MBV2EBSIZL”,\n “status”: 500,\n “timestamp”: 1547015986181\n})”

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Hey there @markjones333!

Are you still experiencing it? Have you changed anything before it started appearing or it just happened out there?


since some hours I’m experiencing the same.
The behavior is very similar to LinkedIn connection InternalOAuthError and the problem affects only some users.


Hey Folks!

Judging by the link provided it’s probably on Linkedin API side. Have you tried the workaround from the fork mentioned in the above thread:

Let me know, otherwise we’ll try to check whether it’s something on our side!


I’m using Auth0 as gateway, so I cannot implement the solution suggested in the thread above, which is to not request the current-share field to Linkedin.
For what I understood it is auth0 that has to deal with this Linkedin problem.


Like I answered last year, profileFields is not an attribute available on Lock, and therefore not a workaround for this common use case.

Since then, was added the connectionScopes property, which could fit the idea if it was possible to set it to r_liteprofile instead of the default r_basicprofile (the problem being currentShare being returned by the r_basic_profile scope).

But as far as I know, this is only available on LinkedIn API v2, and we are currently on v1.
I opened a topic about this.


Hey everyone!

Will merge those topics as it will be easier for us to tackle it and not duplicate content. Let me get back to you with an update in a moment.


On one hand, you have a bug which is a silly attribute creating 500s on the current API implementation.

On the other hand, you have an API implementation that might need an urgent upgrade.

If it helps you tackle both problems at once, then that’s perfect, but please notice they are quite different problems nonetheless.


Thanks @adrogon for sharing your thoughts on that.

I’ve discussed it with our product and developer support teams. We’re aware of the problems and multiple issues our community developers reported. Code changes and fixes are on the way, our teams already started working on that.

I’ll update the status of it once we move forward! Thanks for patience and sorry for inconvenience!


Hey @Nico-92 just reached back to our product team. Will let you know what I hear back from them once I get any info!


We’re experiencing the same issue, using the lock widget. The problem affects only some users.

InternalOAuthError: failed to fetch user profile (status: 500 data: { "errorCode": 0, "message": "Internal API server error", "requestId": "XXXX", "status": 500, "timestamp": XXXX })

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Hey everyone!

Status update from our engineering team: they are currently and regularly working on that as it’s on of their priorities for the sprint. I have no other news to share for now.

Will get you updated once I have anything else to share!


I just got notified by our engineering team that all people affected by such error got notified with some info from them! Let us know if you have any questions!


Hello Konrad, thank you for your replies.

By whom? Auth0 or LinkedIn?
Could you please provide more details about this notification? Perhaps copy-paste an example here?

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News on LinkedIn Social Connection

Update on LinkedIn Social Connection issues and upcoming API migration

LinkedIn issues

Over the last few weeks, the current version of the LinkedIn API for sign-in has been intermittently failing when fetching the user profile, causing a small number of users to fail to log in. The cause of this issue is currently unknown, and is coming from LinkedIn directly. We have not been able to find a workaround for this yet, but we are aware of the issue.

We are evaluating options for users who wish to use the current version of the LinkedIn API until its final decommission date. For those customers who wish to migrate to the new version of the API, we will have a migration path available soon.

LinkedIn API deprecation

LinkedIn decided to deprecate their current API v1 (Final shutdown March 1st, 2019) and we are working on a migration path for all our customers that remains as simple as possible. We will publish a migration guide explaining what actions are required. The main changes are:

  • LinkedIn will only allow apps to request a bare minimum set of profile fields. This is called a “Lite Profile” (r_liteprofile scope). Auth0 will automatically include this scope in every authentication request as soon LinkedIn’s API v2 is enabled in Auth0.
  • Access to the “Basic Profile” (r_basicprofile) will be restricted to only those who are part of the LinkedIn Partnership Program. Auth0 has no control over the access to this program.

We are aware of the criticality of this deprecation, and we are working to support the new API as soon as possible. Our main goal is to avoid the disruption of our customer’s services. Expect news in the upcoming days.


I don’t think that’s accurate.
Access to r_fullprofile will require specific permission indeed, but not r_basicprofile.

What they’re actually doing is remove access to the specialties property, now renamed skills, by removing it from the basic profile.

In simple terms: you now have to pay to access somebody’s skills, whereas mere user agreement was enough before that.

Anyway, that’s a bit off-topic, what matters is that we can migrate to the new API, and you mention that’s in progress, so all good here, thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ll let you know in this thread if we have any status update to share!

Thanks for that!


Can you also post here when the migration path to the new API is going to be ready?
We still have customers that cannot login because of this problem, so we would like to switch to r_liteprofile as soon as possible.


Sure I’ll get you folks updated whenever I have any news to share from the engineering team!