Important changes in LinkedIn Connections

On December 2018, LinkedIn deprecated the current version of their sign-in API, announcing the final shutdown for March 1st 2019. In its place, LinkedIn has provided a new version of the sign-in API with some differences. It is possible that you will need to adjust your application code when using the new API.

We added a way to let you select which LinkedIn API version you want to use. To do that, you can update the ‘Strategy Version’ for your Linkedin Connection in the Auth0 Dashboard. In March 1st, all connections will automatically be updated to use v2 .

Note that there are changes in the attributes you can request. For V1 we exposed these options:

Auth0 Attribute Linkedin Scope
Profile r_basicprofile
Full Profile r_fullprofile
Network r_network
Email r_emailaddress

In V2 we are exposing these options:

Auth0 Attribute Linkedin Scope
Profile r_liteprofile
Basic Profile r_basicprofile
Email r_emailaddress

As you can see, version 1 of the API does not support the new “r_liteprofile” scope. Version 2 does not support “r_fullprofile” and “r_network”. It supports the “r_basicprofile” scope only for clients that are part of LinkedIn’s Developer Enterprise services. This means that, by default, the user profile of users that sign in through the new version of LinkedIn’s API will contain less fields than they used to. Take this into account before switching to the new version.

Note that not all applications registered in LinkedIn can access their v2 API, for more details check Microsoft’s documentation.


If you still have any questions or struggle with something regarding that, let us know by re-opening this community topic and we’ll more than happy to help!