Use linkedIn social connection With basic profile ON

I am using Auth0 to sign up my users to my SaaS.

I am trying to get access to user’s experiences using LinkedIn SSO,

The sign up with LinkedIn works like a charm, but the problem is, when I click the “Basic Profile” option, I ends up with

{ “error”: “access_denied”, “error_description”: “Scope ‘r_basicprofile’ is not authorized for your application” }

As you can see, it needs LinkedIn approval. Therefore, I tried to add r_basicprofile in my LinkedIn Developers account, I added the product “Sign In with LinkedIn”, “Share on LinkedIn” but it did not added me the magical r_basicprofile authorization.

Am I the only one trying to do that? Any helps – or links to LinkedIn’s up-to-date documentation would be helpful!


I found the documentation about r_basicprofile Self-Serve Migration FAQ - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn

It is no longer used for for linkedin api v2

it seems that Auth0 is out-of-date and no longer compatible with Linkedin.


I am in the same situation, apparently it is not possible to use Auth0 with LinkedIn.

Maybe by using “Auth Pipeline” Rules or Hooks, or perhaps using Action Flows.

Since it is just necessary to change the ‘r_liteprofile’ scope to ‘profile’.

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Hi all, apologies for missing this one - Adding this here:

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This is a problem for me as well. Just added a new topic because you can’t integrate LinkedIn until it is resolved.

Yes, exactly. This is a major issue and I’m surprised Auth0 hasn’t done anything about it. You can’t say you have a working LinkedIn connection currently.

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