LinkedIn Integration


When trying to integrate with the LinkedIn social connection, we’re receiving the following response:

  "error": "invalid_request",
  "error_description": "InternalOAuthError: failed to fetch user profile (status: 401 data: {\"serviceErrorCode\":65604,\"message\":\"Empty oauth2 access token\",\"status\":401})"

We’ve double checked our credentials and the callback and the issue still persists. Has anyone else had this problem or know of any potential solutions?

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Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

Are you using the Auth0 dev keys, or your dev keys on the linkedIn connection?

Let me know.



Thanks for your reply!

We followed the instructions on:

For the API key and the secret key, we used the keys provided through LinkedIn under ‘auth’

Let me know if there’s any clarification needed.


@buildu-dev, please check whether there are any typos, trailing spaces, or similar issues with the credentials, as those are possible reasons that LinkedIn would return this error.

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@Kris.B we double checked this (I also double checked again) and no luck.

We’re experiencing this same exact issue at the moment using react-native-auth0 v1.6.0 in our mobile app.

We have the same problem. Logging in with Linkedin used to work, but now it fails with the same error as in the original post, without us having made any changes. We’ve double checked the credentials.

Let us know if there’s any more information we can provide to solve the issue.

Hi @1uss1 @olle.fredriksson,

It looks like there was a linkedIn outage:

We are reporting on this issue on our status page (resolved):

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This still didn’t resolve the issue for us. @olle.fredriksson @1uss1 did it resolve the problem for you?

Yes, it appears to work now.

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This should be resolved, it was an outage on linkedIn’s side.

Please open a new topic if you are having issues with anything else.