LinkedIn Authentication On Android

I’m using Android Studio on Ubuntu 16.04 to try to add LinkedIn authentication to my app. I followed the directions at the link below without trouble:


I moved on to the Native/Mobile instructions via ‘Quick Start’ and went through the following sets of instructions:

*. Auth0 Android SDK Quickstarts: Login

*. Auth0 Android SDK Quickstarts: Login

The login for my app didn’t work. It redirected to and displayed a broken page: “Aww, Snap! Something went wrong with trying to display the webpage.” I then tried the sample app (auth0-android-sample/00-Login at master · auth0-samples/auth0-android-sample · GitHub) and got the same thing. Any pointers on how to fix this would be appreciated.

The application should be accessing https://[tenant]*. You say that you got navigated to* instead and got an error so the likely cause is that you did not configure the tenant domain correctly so the application is using the domain while it should be using [tenant]; in conclusion, the tenant information is missing.

Sorry. It actually went to For some reason that part of my post wasn’t showing up. I edited it.

If the configuration is correct then it’s unlikely to be an Android specific thing because the login in that sample will be done through the web browser so it’s very similar to a web application login through LinkedIn and I did a quick test with no issues. I do know that LinkedIn experienced some issues with login in the last days so wonder if this can be related… do you experience the issue every time? Do you think you can get more information in addition to the browser error; for example, details on the actual HTTP request that failed.