What is `auth0Scheme`?

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Is this a feature request or bug report? Ask for documentation clarification. What is auth0Scheme?? Nowhere in these tutorials is that explained:

Hi Igor! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

It looks like these are properties required by the SDK to work. Yesterday, our team updated the document with a bit of explanation of what the manifest placeholders are for and how they are used by the SDK.

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Hey @IgorGanapolsky

That string identifies the scheme used for the callback URL. By default the https scheme will be used, which is the recommended way for Android API 23+ and Android App Links. Check https://github.com/auth0/Auth0.Android/blob/7aa881973491128838b3c16e5a0e78a725e5ec1f/README.md#a-note-about-app-deep-linking for more details.
I’ll let the SDK team know that they are using demo in the quickstart and https in the SDK, they should probably use https in both places by default. You’d use a custom scheme (not https) if you want to target older Android APIs.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @nicolas_sabena. Do you know why the authentication goes through successfully with https scheme, but then I get an error:

Sorry we experienced a problem.
“Trace ID: Root=1-614df541-1ea72d40018ec128023deef7”

Where is that error coming from? Is that on the web browser? Any additional information?