What shall I set in auth0Scheme - Android

Good evening,

I am using Auth0 with an application created with Capacitor (an Angular application exported into Android). It works fine.
But when I want to connect with auth0, after the connection I am not redirected to the app : (see screen). I have a not found page. However, the connection is successful.
I saw on the internet that it is probably related to Auth0Scheme, I tried with “demo”, with “https” and with my applicationId name, but so far, still not working.

What can I pass into this value ?

I Added this line in the build.gradle :
manifestPlaceholders = [auth0Domain: "@string/com_auth0_domain", auth0Scheme: "demo"]

I Added this in the allowed callback URLs : demo://MY_DOMAIN/android/MY_APP_ID/callback

Any ideas why I have this Not Found page please ? Thank you for your help.

Hi @M4yride welcome to the community :smile:

That’s interesting - The only time I’ve seen “not found” is due to the scheme like you’ve mentioned. This was in a native Android environment however. Have you had a chance to check out our sample app and see if you experience the same behavior there?

Let us know!