I can't login to my app/website in the LinkedIn app, if I click through to it as a Featured link

Hi there, I’m experiencing an interesting issue where I can’t use auth0, if I use the LinkedIn mobile app, click on one of my featured links, then click the View button to view my website. I have an auth0 prompt to access my website, and it works great everywhere else, except through this flow in the LinkedIn app. I’ve updated my callback URLs and I’m getting an Access Blocked: Authorization Error. I can see that is says Error 403: disallowed_useragent

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi @blakeferm,

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Do you have any screenshots or other data you could share? It’s a little hard to visualize the prompts you’re referencing.

It sounds similar to this issue:

Greetings, Dan! Thanks so much for your reply! Please see a screenshot of the message I see if I’m in the LinkedIn mobile app on my Android GS-10 and attempt to login to my site using my auth0 sign in.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn mobile app
  2. Visit my profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/blakeferm/
  3. Click on the Featured link for my BlogOptima web app. In the link description there’s a VIEW button which should redirect to my website.
  4. Try to use the auth0 sign in to see the error.

The LinkedIn mobile embeds webpages, and I’m learning that this is what’s causing the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Okay, it looks like this is the same issue stated in the FAQ I shared above. This is a Google policy that Auth0 has no control over. The user needs to sign in from the device brower.

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