Google - Disallowed user agent when using Auth0 Lock

I’m receiving a “disallowed_useragent” error when attempting to sign in with Google using Auth0 Lock.

This is only happening on iPhone.

Why could this be?

:wave: @Curt usually the disallowed_userargent error appears when Google is blocking authentication from embedded browsers, example in a webview. Is this a new application you created? Can you tell me a bit about your setup?

Ah perhaps the user is viewing this link from a Facebook or Twitter link. I believe they use web view for their links.

Would Google authentication not be possible from these links then?

Actually it looks as if the issue is on an iPhone Safari browser.

hey Curt, not sure what links you mean. Are you using the Auth0 Dev keys ( > have you set the Client ID and Client Secret)?

A bit strange since if the google login page opens in the mobile browser it should work as our authentication flows for social connections are for the browser. Some other information may help - are you using Lock in your application? If so what version? Not sure your setup but for example if you use the latest version of Lock.swift you shouldn’t be experiencing this issue. Is this on a particular iOS version/phone?

Lastly, there’s a blog post here that may be helpful: Google Blocks OAuth Requests Made Via Embedded Browsers

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Thanks Kim,

I’m using Auth0 Lock v11.5.

I have set the Google oAuth Client ID and Secret, and this form of authentication is working for other devices.

@Curt I apologize I must have lost track of this topic, are you still experiencing this issue on the iPhone?