Limit registration with an authorization code

Hello everyone.

We need to allow user registration with a registration code only, as I see that can be done in Action / Pre User Registration; however, I have the following questions:

  1. The documentation said that it is for Database or passwordless users, so for social users bypass that?
  2. In Universal Login. Is there a way add a field on the registration form for the user to input the given code? and pass that field to the Pre User Registration action?


Hi @ramosmarco

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In terms of your questions:

  1. Unfortunately, the Pre User registration Action trigger is unavailable for social connection.
  2. You can’t extend Universal Login with text fields, but there’s a lock option, that you can fully customize for your needs. In terms of additional signup fields, you can use Text Field, which will be stored in the user meta-data. In the context of the Pre User Registration action, that will work only for Database or passwordless as social connection won’t trigger this action.

I hope it will help you
Thanks and have a great day!


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