Pre User Registration and Post User Registration are not triggered when sign up with Social connections

Hi All,
I’m new to Auth0 and in my scenario I want to login with social connections like Microsoft, Google but I want to prevent Sign Up from social connections. I tried to use triggers Pre User Registration and Post User Registration. But those are not been triggered when I check with Real-time Webtask Logs. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you

Hey @shyamali :wave: Unfortunately this is currently a limitation of the Pre User Registration and Post User Registration action flows on Auth0’s end. These actions are only triggered for Database and Passwordless connections as noted in the documentation here:

I see you’ve already made a comment on this feedback post, so hopefully Auth0 will look into supporting this feature for your usecase in the future.

The best you can do for now is preventing these new social users from logging in by using a Post-Login Action. This can be achieved by looking at the event.stats.logins_count attribute of the event and using the built-in api.access.deny function.

Thank you for the quick reply @gparascandolo. Currently we are trying to create the users from Auth0 itself and send them an invitation. logins_count value will be always 1 for a first login for these users as well as the social sign up users hence I’m left with no solution for now